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Most Americans share the common dream of home ownership yet the homeownership rate has fallen to a fifty year low. The benefits of homeownership are both individual and societal. Owning a home provides opportunities for individual wealth accumulation and security; while affording communities economic and social growth. So why is the homeownership rate the lowest it’s been in the past 50 years? The National Association of REALTORS® has developed an education and advocacy campaign called Home Ownership Matters to help address this issue and empower current and prospective homeowners to become proactive in shaping policies on the local, state and Federal level that impact home ownership. Home Ownership Matters offers a unique platform to engage your representatives on important home owner and property issues.

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Home Ownership Matters

June is Home Ownership Month. 1. Learn. Know what issues matter to you. 2. Engage. Be ready to vote all year long. 3. Act. Stand with property owners. 4. Participate. Share your timeless moments.

Take Action & Stay Informed

June is Homeownership Month and we’re celebrating the homeowner heroes of today, tomorrow, and beyond! We’re recognizing the heroes that make homeownership thrive while building strong communities, creating generational wealth for families, and boosting our economy. Join us all month long as we promote the American Dream of homeownership and recognize the people, policies, and programs that help protect homeownership now and into the future.

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