MLS Committee

The purpose of the MLS Committee is to oversee the operation of the MLS and implement the MLS Rules & Regulations under the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors and according to the provisions of the National Association of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Rules and Regulations.

Members: Chair: Cindy Miller, Carter Dorsch, Cydney Syzmanowski, Candace Varnes, and Jerry Voth

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee is similar to a grand jury. They receive Ethics complaints and arbitration requests to determine if, taken as true on their face, a hearing would be warranted. The Grievance Committee makes only such preliminary evaluation as is necessary to make those decisions. The Committee shall follow the procedures set forth in the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual.

Members: Helen Spohrer, Cindy Miller, Pandora Schlitt, LaDonna Ingram, Kara Landiss, David Dahne, Bill Reid, Beth Embert, and Jaime Price

Professional Standards Committee

The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for hearings on matters of alleged unethical conduct by Association members or to provide arbitration hearings as requested. The Committee shall conduct its activities according to the provisions of the “Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual” of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Bylaws of the Association.

Members: Marilyn Bean, Shaun Donahoe, Shelley Shepard, Travis Stanley, Kathe Jones, and LaDonna Ingram

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning current and future Board operations and planning. They oversee the financial affairs of the Association in coordination with the Treasurer, provide financial advice and recommendations to the Treasurer, coordinate with the staff and Treasurer in preparing the annual budget and coordinate accounting matters with the Association Executive, Board of Directors, Treasurer and CPA.

Members: Treasurer Mary Seymour, Michael Perullo, Adrian Welle and Charlotte Schneider

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee works with Association Executive to insure that the Request for Nomination is mailed out to the General Membership in a timely manner. They also ensure that all applications for nomination are reviewed by the Committee according to the qualifications set by the REALTORS® Association of Franklin & Gulf Counties and encourage and Identify potential future leaders.