What’s so special about Cape San Blas?

Cape San Blas, located at the southernmost tip of Florida’s Great Northwest, is home to the #1 beach in the continental United States!

  • No amusement parks or hi-rise condos
  • No cell phones, pagers, or alarm clocks
  • Almost no cars……very few people

It’s what you don’t have (or want) that makes this place special. Cape San Blas is a get-away…away from the noise…away from the crowds…away from the busy schedules, the telephones, the responsibilities. After a week of enjoying the simplest of pleasures, it’s hard to go home.

And it’s always nice to come back again.

Families make memories here that will last for lifetimes.

  • Children get to hold a fiddler crab in their tiny hands
  • Families share a campfire on the beach – and fall asleep under a blanket of stars
  • Couples walk… and talk… like they’ve always meant to do
  • Teenagers play volleyball on the beach with good friends they just met
  • Grandparents sit on the porch swing to watch the sunset
  • Children and grandchildren join them… and listen… and learn to appreciate age
  • Photographers capture the magic of a morning thunderstorm
  • Fishermen feel the anticipated tug on a baited line
  • Surfers ride the foamy crests of warm southern swells